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-Jess plans a surprise bachelorette party for Cece, who has dreamed of her bachelorette party all her life. But when Jess finally gets Cece to come to the party, she finds that Cece has brought Shivrang's aunt along.

-Jess asks Nick and Winston to keep Shivrang busy for the night, so that Cece can attend the bachelorette party. Jess then asks the guys to give her a report on Shivrang's junk, which Cece has not yet seen.

-Schmidt contacts all of his exes as he searches for a date to bring to Cece's wedding. He ends up getting back in touch with his college girlfriend, Elizabeth, whom he dated while he was fat.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Shivrang's Aunt: Who is this?
Schmidt: I'm Gerard Depardieu. Who do you think I am, lady? I'm Schmidt.

Please take that off, you look like a homeless pencil.