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-Nick's dad dies suddenly, and the gang accompanies him to Chicago to attend the funeral, meeting his less-than-perfect family in the process.

-Winston helps Schmidt fight his fear of funerals.

-Around his family, Nick is far from being the irresponsible bartender the gang knows back at the loft; Nick's family thinks of him as the "together" one, and leaves the funeral planning to him entirely.

-Nick, overwhelmed by the funeral planning process, asks Jess to write the eulogy. When she is unable to, Nick storms off to a bar, and arrives at the funeral drunk, accompanied by a far-drunker Elvis impersonator.

-When the Elvis impersonator is unable to perform his duties, Jess fills in, singing Elvis's "In the Ghetto" to the mourners in a bejeweled jumpsuit.

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Schmidt, I have to breathe because I am coaching you and also for regular life reasons.


Keep it light, keep it happy. Don't mention the felony thing. Or Paraguay. Or the storage space.

Nick's Mom