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Mistaken identity is the name of the game as Jess inadvertently captures the attention of a beer delivery guy Bearclaw (guest star Josh Gad) and then pretends to be someone else when a handsome stranger (guest star David Walton) thinks she is his CupidMatch date. Jess hits it off with Sam, but tries to escape her mistaken date with Bearclaw. But when Bearclaw catches her making out with Sam in the bathroom of Nick's bar, Jess' lie falls apart.

Meanwhile, a regular at Nick’s bar (guest star Raymond J. Barry) claims to be Nick from the future, and Nick comes to believe him. He tells Nick to apologize to Jess because he's going to do something awful to her. Even though the guy turns out to be crazy, Nick apologizes to Jess.

Winston’s disapproving mother (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) comes to visit. She hates Schmidt and his constant flirting with Winston's sister doesn't help. 

New Girl
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New Girl Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sam: Hi - are you Katie? I'm Sam from CupidMatch.
Jess: And I'm the girl from my dreams of you.

Winston, your sister got so hot! I'm gonna have to Shaq attack her! May I have your blessing? Because I'm gonna be like dribbling up the court, illegal sexual foul - boom! Illegal use of hands - boom!