On New Girl Season 4 Episode 3 we meet Ashley, Bob Day's girlfriend and Jess's nemesis from high school. Meanwhile, the guys help Schmidt with a focus group at work on sponges. See what happens when you watch New Girl online!

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When you watch New Girl Season 4 Episde 3 online you will get to meet Jess and Cece's high school nemesis, Ashley. Why are you meeting her? Oh because she is now dating Jess's dad, Bob Day, and he wants to marry her. Jess is opposed to them getting married and tries to break them up. She learns that Ashley is possibly seeing another guy and when she tells Bob about it, she finds out that Ashely is in fact a sex therapist and the guy that she is being accused of sleeping with is a client. Ashley can't handle the fact that Jess is trying to break her and Bob up so she leaves him. Jess, after having a heart to heart with her father, finds out that they do love each other and she helps him get Ashley back. Jess is now getting a new stepmom!
Meanwhile, Schmidt needs the guys help in securing a big account at work. He invited them to take part in a focus group on sponges and coaches them in what to say. Being the awkward group of friends that they are, they of course do more harm then good with the focus group and Schmidt's boss wants to fire him. Nick comes to the rescue and saves Schmidt's job as well as help him find the perfect pitch to secure the sponge account. Watch it all unfold now online!

Episode Details

Jess's father visits with his new girlfriend who turns out to be Jess and CeCe's rival from high school on New Girl. Meanwhile. Schmidt convinces the guys to take part in a focus group to land a big account at work.

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