On New Girl Season 5 Episode 15 and 16, Jess has a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the men in her life, but will she make the right choice?

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When you watch New Girl Season 5 Episode 15 and 16 you'll see how important it is to make the right decisions. Jess is determined to get Nick and Sam to smooth things over, but the men refuse to share their feelings. To make matters worse, Jess is in the market for a new car but the salesman is being extremely sexiest. Nick suggests she email the salesman, acting like a man, and demand the price she wants for the car. The plan works until the salesman asks the man she's pretending to be to come in to fill out some paperwork. Jess is forced to ask Nick because Sam is in surgery, but Sam finds out about it and goes to the dealership while Nick is pretending to be Jess's husband. Jess begins to get angry and demands the men at least pretend to be civil with each other when she's around. Meanwhile, Jess has a shocking sex dream about Nick which makes her rethink her relationship with Sam, but Cece tries to reason that the only reason she had a dream about Nick was because her and Sam were discussing him before she went to bed. Jess decides to throw out all the gifts Nick gave her because she wants all reminders of him out of her room. Nick finds out and demands to know what she is doing, but she refuses to tell him the truth until Cece lets it slip. Nick wants to know the details of the sex dream, but Jess gets angry and puts a helmet on that Nick gave her. Unfortunately, she isn't able to get the helmet off because it's a child size medium and has to cancel on Sam and his parents because the helmet was given to Nick by his father. Sam understands and tells Jess he trusts her. Nick ultimately makes the decision to destroy the helmet so Jess can go out to dinner with Sam and his parents. He lets Jess know Sam is a good guy and she deserves to give him a shot. Want to see what else happened? Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic.

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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 15 and 16, Jess had a lot of decisions to make when it came to the men in her life, but will she make the right choice?

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