On New Girl Season 5 Episode 17 and 18, Schmidt and Cece finally have thier bachelor and bachelorette parties, but things take an interesting turn.

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When you watch New Girl Season 5 Episode 17 and 18 you'll learn how important it is to talk about you fears before walking down the aisle. Schmidt is having issues with his manhood and decides to throw an impromptu bachelor party in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, on the way there, he gets in a small crash and Nick suggests they take refuge in a shady looking bar in the middle of nowhere. While in the bar, Schmidt makes enemies of some of the bar patrons and they want to fight him. Nick and Schmidt decide to try to take them, but they are surprised when the men are accompanied by other people. Nick and Schmidt end up losing the fight, but Schmidt finally reveals he's nervous about not being a good husband to Cece. Nick reminds Schmidt of all the things he has done for him which is exactly what a good husband would do and he has nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Cece thinks her bachelorette party is going to be low-key and is surprised when Jess reveals they are going to get high. After smoking some weed a wedding presents show up from Schmidt's mom and it has a not suggesting Cece doesn't know how to do things. Cece gets angry and takes revenge on the present, but Schmidt calls her and says he knows the gift has been delivered and can't wait to see it. Cece gets nervous and tries to get a replacement for the gift, but the store won't take it because it has been damaged. Jess convinces Cece to switch the floor model for the damaged model. Want to see what happens next? Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic.

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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 17 and 18, Schmidt and Cece celebrate their bachelor and bacheorette parties, but things take an interesting turn.

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New Girl Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Is this change of plans an overreaction to something?


I don't understand. Is Toby your name?