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This week on Nikita…

-Flashback to when Nikita was part of Division and her first overseas mission with Michael. Michael stopped their romantic encounter to tell Nikita about his family. He tells her he joined Division to find him.

-Michael confronts Nikita in her apartment about her chance to help Michael kill Kasim with her attachment through Ari (Goegle). Michael tells Nikita to contact Ari and tell him she will work for him. He demands Kasim’s location within 24 hours.

-Alex tells Nikita about her hallucination of herself killing Nathan. Nikita advises Alex to break up with Nathan and tell Amanda in order to save his life. Alex and Nathan end up sleeping together. Alex and Nathan talk about their similarities, and Nathan tells her he can leave whenever he wants.

-Nikita goes to Russia to meet with Ari to make a business proposal. Ari gives her the truck routes for Kasim’s drug smuggles. Nikita blows up Kasim’s trucks and the heroin they held. Nikita traces the call to Kasim to France. Kasim arranges a meeting with Ari. Nikita abducts Kasim and tells Michael she wants the locations of the black boxes in exchange for Kasim.

-Michael asks Percy to go to Russia and Percy denies him. Percy tells Michael that his black boxes will help him turn against the government. Michael goes to Russia against Percy’s instruction and shows up when Kasim goes to take off with Nikita. Michael goes to kill Kasim when he founds out that he’s Division. Kasim works for Percy and was sent to kill Michael and his family. Nikita kills Kasim.

-Michael tells Nikita about everything he’d done to set up his family in the home of their dreams. He tells Nikita that he never got the black box locations. Michael goes back to Division and tells Percy that he is with him 100%, then goes to Nikita’s apartment to team up with her.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Nikita: I wanted to be the one to help you kill Kasim. So you could leave Division.
Michael: I've heard this all before.
Nikita: It's still true.

Nikita: Feels different, no big Division eye watching over us.
Michael: I'm the big Division eye.
Nikita: Than how do I look?
Michael: Perfect.