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This week on Nikita:

- Fletcher is back at the CIA Headquarters in Virginia, and is working with Nikita via heart signs. He thinks there is a terrorist attack on US soil when agents are killed and the CIA won’t listen.

- Alex and Nikita meet up at her house and talk about Fletcher and Nathan. Alex decides to have dinner with Nathan. Nathan decides to teach her how to cook when Michael shows up and describes her to Nathan as an escort.

- Flashback four years ago, when Michael warns Nikita about relationships with outsiders. Also, to a time when Nikita was forced to go on an op where she had to sleep with the target, a man named Emile.

- Nikita finds Emile, and Ari shows up as well. and goes back into her old character, Josefine. Emile picks up on the fact that she was ‘arrested’ when a few of his suppliers were as well. Emile tells Nikita that Ari made a bomb that he was to use to kill civilians. Instead, Emile wants to turn it into the CIA, but every agent he is set to meet with is killed by Rome.

-Nikita makes sure that Voss gets to the US Border and into a CIA car, which is taken over by Division. Ari tries to recruit Nikita once again and Fletcher ends up with the bomb that was created by Division.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Alex: I thought it'd be easier on the outside
Nikita: It's never easy Alex. You can't let your guard down. You have to live the lie.
Alex: Until the lie becomes your life.
Nikita: That's right.

Nikita: Happy Valentines day. You ditch the old one?
Alex: My gift to the Hudson River.