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This week on Nikita...

- Alex tells Nikita about Division op to kill the King of Georgia. Nikita shows up at the event and tells the princess that Division is trying to kill her husband. The princess has Nikita tased.

- Alex shows up on the op thinking Nikita was put down, although she has broken free with the prince in hand. Nikita finds out that his wife was killing him because he was giving up his throne.

- Nikita and Alex work together at the event to save innocent people and save the Kings true love, Lila. The King refuses to leave without Lila, so Michael and the rest of Division is forced to show up.

- Nikita reunites Lila and Prince Eric, and the princess is taken into custody for attempted murder. Michael realizes that Nikita called and asked for Alex herself. He reviews the tapes from the scene and sees Alex talking to Nikita, asking “where are you?”. Realization hits him that Alex and Nikita are working together.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You want Jafari you go straight to princess Jasmine, right?


Alex: Is it Nikita-proofed?
Michael: Almost. She has a way of corrupting things from the inside. Like cancer.