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Fletcher's data mining reveals a new clue to what Percy is doing. Project Crossbow. Robbie, Alex's fellow recruit, gets recorded stealing old-school motherboards. And, Team Nikita believes that Percy is going to use them to gain control of a satellite to navigate a nuclear bomb he is building. Alex and Sean go after Robbie, while Nikita and Michael go to talk to a member of the Project Crossbow team.


They find out that Percy isn't going to use the satellite to navigate the bomb, the satellite is the weapon. Percy contacts the President to blackmail him. Percy blows up a nuclear plant.


Percy is doing all of this in order to get Division admitted to a larger, international, nefarious organization. Percy, at the request of this organization, tells the President he must pull out of an Afgan-Taliban treaty and declare that talks failed. The President doesn't want to do this and works with CIA to come up with a plan to stop Percy.


Meanwhile, Team Nikita comes up with a plan of their own. They will break into Division and destroy the motherboards. The plan goes well until a Division agent executes her partner to alert Division of the intrusion.


Michael blows up the motherboards, as Nikita attempts to get out of Division. At the farm, Alex and Sean are fighting off Division.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

You gotta way to play Betamax?


Fletch is the data whisperer here.