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Team Nikita goes after some triggers that Percy wants for his bomb. Unfortunately, Division intercepts them and shoots Sean in the process.


Ryan suggests that they reach out to a CIA contact, Kendrick, for help getting data needed to stop Percy. Nikita is against the idea, but Ryan and Michael go ahead anyway. Nikita ends up helping them. Due to her skepticism, she put a bug on Kendrick, which transmits his call to Percy. Nikita decides that Kendrick must be taken out at their scheduled meet. Ryan doesn't believe it and decodes a hidden message from Kendrick. It turns out that Kendrick has a kill switch in his pacemaker. Nikita and Michael work to save Kendrick and deactivate the kill switch. They successfully do that.


Alex stays by Sean's side while he is recovering from the gun shot. While drugged, he declares his feelings for her. Later, they discuss it and he tells her that she needs to let her wall down. They end up kissing.


While saving Kendrick's life, Division is able to track Birkhoff's signal and they find the beach house. The team leaves and blows up the beach house. They reassemble at Ryan's safe house. The team is all together. Kendrick gives Nikita access to the CIA data so they can bring Percy down.


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Nikita Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

If you want to understand Percy. You only need to know one thing. All he ever wanted to be is a member of the club.


Kendrick has a kill chip near his heart. Any guess who put it there? This just became a rescue mission.