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- Amanda has Alex and offers to trade her for Ari, so she can unlock the black box. Division decides to go through with the trade and Nikita promises Ari they will get him back.

- During the mission, Birkhoff uncovers that Ryan had a kill chip put in Ari's head and Owen is supposed to trigger it after the exchange. Ryan justifies his actions contending that Amanda cannot get the black box. Birkhoff wants to tell Nikita, but Michael says it's better if she doesn't know.

- Alex uses a ruse to attempt an escape and brings the medic helping her out too. They get ambushed by too many soldiers and the medic is shot protecting Alex. When it's time for the exchange, Alex promises to get her out.

- The exchange happens without a hitch. Alex wants Nikita's help to get the medic out, but Nikita says Ari takes priority. Nikita refuses to trigger Ari's kill switch. Amanda's wish that Nikita and Alex have a falling out comes true. Nikita and Owen go after Ari, while Alex and Sean go for her friend.

- Neither mission is fully manned and both fail. Ari attacks Amanda and escapes, but is shot in the back by Amanda before Nikita can cover him. And, the medic is blown up by a grenade before Alex can get to her. 

- Ryan considers the mission a success because both Alex and the black box were recovered.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

If you die, Amanda wins and to quote your eloquence, "Screw Amanda."


Amanda was right. Compassion will be your downfall.

Ari [to Nikita]