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- The President of Chad gets a list of undercover US agents working in the oil industry. Danforth orders Division to assassinate President Batouala. Nikita agrees to do it, but Alex and Birkhoff refuse to help.

- Nikita heads to France for the meeting with Owen and Sean backing her up. The President drinks the poison, but Amanda's assassin, Zoe, takes Batouala out first and steals the list.

- Nikita and Zoe's pictures are all over the news. The President is upset about Nikita's image going public. She orders Danforth to put the contingency plans into place.

- Alex and Birkoff are suspicious of Danforth. They figure if they get dirt on him, they can use it as leverage against him. They follow him and find the kill house for the operation to eliminate Division.

- Nikita and Alex disagree about how to handle the situation. Nikita wants to go after Zoe and the list and clear Division so the President will call off the kill team. Alex wants to kill Danforth in order to isolate Division from the President. Alex reveals everything to the people at Division.

- Nikita is forced to disclose her plan to everyone. They agree. Nikita and Alex go after Zoe when she tries to sell the list to the Russians. They take them both out. Then, Ryan uses the black box information to blackmail Danforth into cooperating with Division. Danforth calls off the kill order and Division goes back to the original plan to capture the rogue agents and then shut down.

- The President agrees with Danforth to call off the kill order. Nikita and Alex come to a tentative understanding.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

I never expected to get a kill order from you.


As long as the government is calling the shots, we'll never be in control.