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A rogue Division Agent Markov was undercover in Uzbekistan and won the election for President. Division wants to take him out. Birkhoff suggests they create a foolproof mask for Michael to go undercover as Markov when he is in America visiting the US President. After a few weeks in Uzbekistan, they will stage a natural death, so there are no ties to the US. They capture Markov, but they didn't count on him having a fail-safe. This requires them to release Markov. While trying to destroy Markov's recorded message, Birkhoff finds another recording in which Markov explains why he killed the US President. With that knowledge, Division has to take action to capture Markov. They get him before he can attack the President, Michael pretends to be Markov, and then they stage the natural death.


During this mission, Ryan comes clean to Nikita and the gang about the President's kill order. If Division becomes public, she has put into place a team to wipe out anyone related to Division. While they are upset that Ryan kept this from them, they all agree to keep it quiet and to work towards the President's goal.


Alex tries to track down the mole. At one point, she thought it was Owen, but he was just looking into his past. Another Division agent tries to kill Owen due to his cleaner past. Owen teams up with Alex in her search for the mole.

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