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- Nikita and Michael track down a gun guy, Cyrus, to use him to find Amanda. Begrudgingly, Ryan agrees to let Cyrus out of Division to buy the sideswiper device from an Egyptian to then sell to Ari. Division plans on finding Amanda through Ari.

- Cyrus has his own plans and runs of with the device and meets up with Ari to make the sale. Cyrus does leave several clues for Nikita to follow. He stops blocking his tracker long enough that they trace his location to Spain and he leaves a message about Ari's location in Romania.

- Amanda captures Cyrus and uses him to bait Nikita in order to teach her a lesson. But, Nikita turns the lesson around on the teacher and saves Cyrus.

- Birkhoff remains in Division to search for the mole. He finds out it is Sonya. She says that Amanda turned her kill chip back on and that there was someone else watching her in Division. Birkhoff agrees to help her.

- The mole informed Amanda, who then warned Ari about the coming attack. Several Division agents were killed before Sean swooped in literally and saved Alex.

- Alex is using pain killers which are affecting her mood and interfering with her job.

- Ryan asks Cyrus to keep his gun business open as a sanctioned Division agent. He agrees.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I'll make sure they're covered. Both of them.


You busted your ass to find this guy? The gun guy?