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- Ari set it up for him to be "captured" by Division after Amanda turned against him. He has information about Amanda's arrangement with a terrorist to wreak havoc across the United States. He offers to give up this information in exchange for $50 million. Ryan reveals that Division is no longer a government funded entity and they barely have that amount in their coffers. Even if they want to give Ari the money, they don't have it. Nikita tries to torture the information out of Ari, but it doesn't work. She finally figures out that he never intended to leave Division, instead the money was for his son. Ari gives up the information after Nikita tells him there is no money and the only way to protect his son is to trust Nikita.

- The terrorist is uses random acts of violence to scare the country, which makes it nearly impossible to track or stop him. Alex comes up with idea to track the encryption code being used through phone towers. She is able to intercept and stop the third attack. Amanda recognizes Alex's voice on the phone and moves to the next step of her plan. While the terrorist makes a live video announcement, she shots and kills him. Then, calls the FBI and reports it. She wants to bring down Division by having them connected to the terrorist. Alex and Owen get to the location and clean it before the FBI shows up.

- Relationships within Division are always difficult. Sean is struggling with being dead and stuck within the facility. He tries to find out what Alex's butterfly tattoo means and she rebuffs him. Owen tells Sean to lay off, she'll tell him when she's ready. While on a mission, Owen and Alex bonded over a saying and she revealed what led to her tattoo. Sean was listening on the comm and not happy she confided in Owen before him. Nikita and Michael are still strong and decide to set a date to get married.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I was out of moves.


I'm here to protect the innocent. I'm not going to lose myself in the process because if I do, Amanda wins. I'm not going to let that happen.