Hot Nikita!
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 21
"Dead Drop"
Original Air Date:

Nikita and her team discover a link between the CIA and Percy on this key episode of Nikita. Also: Sean gets shot!

Robbing Percy
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 20
"Shadow Walker"
Original Air Date:

When a plan to bankrupt Percy backfires, Nikita scrambles to free Birkhoff after he is arrested by the FBI.

Caught and Tortured
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 19
Original Air Date:

Nikita is captured and tortured on this episode, while Percy keeps playing mind games with Michael.

Amanda v. Nikita
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 18
Original Air Date:

Amanda prepares to take over the company this week by setting up a meeting with Zetrov. She also goes head to head with Nikita.

Return of Helena Mattsson as Cassandra
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 17
Original Air Date:

Cassandra is back on this episode of Nikita. Elsewhere, Alex goes all out to find her mother.

Double Crossed?
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 16
"Double Cross"
Original Air Date:

Division agents are being assassinated on this return episode of Nikita. Who is behind the killings? Percy of course.

Alex in Russia
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 15
Original Air Date:

Nikita learns all about the origins of Division this week, as she and Michael do all they can to help Carla.

The Old Nikita
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 14
Original Air Date:

Percy continues with his plan to take back Division this week. He does so here by threatening to kill Nikita's mentor.

Nikita vs. Percy
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 13
"Clean Sweep"
Original Air Date:

Percy holds members of Overnight hostage this week, leading to Nikita being forced to decide: does she save innocent lives or let her enemy fall?

Sean at Gunpoint
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Sean goes on the attack this week, but he has a good reason: he takes action to protect his mother.

Nikita Quotes

The last word they breathe before the end, will be my name.


I was the first recruit to get out, and I'm going to make certain I'm not the last.


Nikita Music

  Song Artist
Elephant song Elephant Song The Enemy iTunes
Song Fuego Bomba Estereo iTunes
The step and the walk The Step And The Walk The Duke Spirit iTunes