Happy 21st Birthday-Nine Perfect Strangers
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Zoe sees her dead twin, Zach, standing right in front of her. He wishes her a happy birthday, reassures her that his death wasn't her fault, and asks why she keeps telling people they weren't close. She bursts into tears, saying she misses him every day and she's so lonely.

They embrace, and a moment later, Heather checks on her, claiming she heard voices.

The guests are reacting to their higher dosage. Napoleon had a dream he was a Beatle and starts singing Someday at breakfast. This triggers Carmel, as that was her wedding song. Lars dreamed he gave birth and Tony was the dad.

Paul, Frances's ex comes to visit. He tells her how awful her books were and how he came, hoping he'd find some worthy qualities in her. We later see she passed out at breakfast and dreamed her scenario too.

We learned more about Masha and Delilah's history, including that they are romantically involved. Yao doesn't know.

Lars tells Zoe his ex, Ray wants to have a baby, but he's afraid since he was bullied as a child for being gay.

Napoleon and Heather are worlds apart. He kept pressuring her to be adventurous and go cliff diving.

Ben and Jessica discuss giving their money to a project they are truly passionate about.

Carmel sees Ben and Jessica and having sex in the hot tub and it triggers a massive meltdown of feelings about her being tired of pretending to be happy. Lars comforts her.

At Zoe's birthday birth party, she says all of them are like family. She sees Zach again. Masha tells Zoe she is the key.

Nine Perfect Strangers
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Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I read your books. All of them. There’s not a hint of truth in any of them. They’re so gimmicky. You don’t dig in. You just take a little bit of romance and the topical cocktail of your choice- sexism, racism, ableism. There is no story at all, just isms.


Zach: Why do you keep telling everyone we weren’t close?
Zoe: You’re not real. You’re not real.
Zach: I’m standing right here, Zoe.