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Helen Burton, aka Mrs. X, fired Dr. King because he wasn't delivering fast enough. Mr. Litchfield was killed for the same reason.

A "super" named Ben with shocked J.J. with electricity and kidnapped him because Helen wanted him to complete the trilsettum permanence formulas.

Dr. King revealed he had been injecting himself with Trilsettum for over a decade to counteract his cancer, but started suffering setbacks due to withdrawal. Stephanie injected him with a new batch in exchange for his help in finding J.J.

Jim, Stephanie and Daphne teamed up to rescue J.J. but ended up captured by Helen. Once J.J. gave her the answer to permanence (inhaling trilsettum when natural adrenaline was engaged) she order the Powells to be killed but Dr. King rescued them, only to put three bullets into Jim.  King tried to convince Stephanie Jim was gone, but Jim regained his abilities and fought King, who had developed all the Powells abilities, including immortality.  Just as King was about to kill Jim once and for all, Stephanie ran to her lab for the trilsettum antidote and J.J. threw the needle into King's eye, which reversed the trilsettum effects and caused his body to waste away before their eyes.

Joshua returned to try and patch things up with Katie, but it was really Victoria posing as Joshua, whom J.J. discovered was being held captive by Helen.

Before shooting Jim, King released Joshua who went to rescue Katie from Victoria. During the struggle, Katie went into labor. Joshua helped her deliver the baby.

George figured out it was Victoria posing as Joshua and followed her to Helen, where eighty prisoners were boarding a plane. George was taken captive and forced onto the plane. As the plane started a crash descent, trilsettum was released. All the passengers awoke with abilities, including George.

The NSA came to the Powells home and explained what had happened with the plane, and enlisted the Powells help in hunting them down.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

A word of advice. You shoot a man and leave him for dead, you better make sure his kryptonite didn't wear off.


Mr. and Mrs. Powell, the government needs your family's help.