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Evie ends up in Iceland alone, despite the continued appearances of a guy named Graham. Evie focuses on creating memories for herself, coming back for a job she thinks she wants. But it's not what she's looking for, and through it she finds a job she is actually passionate about. This will take her to the Philippines so she ends up breaking up with Xavier. They promise to meet again in four months if he can figure out a way to stop the asteroid.

Xavier ends up in prison after Jessie tries to get him to NASA by knocking him out with horse tranquilizer. He gets bailed out by the scientist who didn't believe him at first, who offers him a job in Washington trying to figure out how to stop the world from ending. 

Deirdre creates a soda ban at work, paving the perfect path for Kareema to raise some honeymoon money. Hank tries to help shut it down but gives in when Timothy comes in high from his tea. Hank confronts Deirdre's new health kick, only to find out that she's pregnant with their child. 

The government decides to tell the public that they are working on saving the world, and everyone watches the news as Evie and Graham are on a plane together to the Philippines. 

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Eat almonds every day and stay off MD.


Hank: Scratch offs?
Kareema: Honeymoons aren't cheap.