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When a much loved local teacher known as Abuelito comes for a dental exam at the clinic, Mina has the unenviable task of telling him he has terminal cancer.  While on pain medication, Abuelito confesses to being an escaped Nazi soldier.

Mina has Abuelito reported to the local Navy base.  They plan to take him into custody the following day.  That night his condition worsens and he will die without treatment.  Ryan wants to let him die, per his wishes but Mina is determined to keep him alive.  She says the families of his victims deserve to know he didn’t get away with his crimes.  Otis allows her to go ahead with the surgery and Abuelito is taken into custody the next day.

Tommy treats a patient, Elan who has had an erection for six hours.  Zee quickly assesses that it is due to a banana spider bite.  Elan is embarrassed and pushes his girlfriend away.  Tommy feels the girl deserves better but Zee shows him that he doesn’t know anything about these people.  Tommy helps Elan realize that he should talk to his girlfriend about what happened.

Ben, Lily, and Charlie drive to San Miguel to pick up supplies stuck in customs.  Lily finds Ben at his wife’s bedside.  She was shot in a robbery and is brain dead.  Ben has kept her alive for five years, hooked to machines and he uses her trust fund to keep the clinic running.  Lily is shocked.

Unable to get Ben’s help, Lily pays off a customs official in order to get the clinic’s shipment of Vicadin released.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Keaton's gone for half an hour and the last Nazi in South America shows up.


You don't have to worry about me. I'm a play by the rules kind of girl. Wouldn't even know how to grease a palm. I'd probably start with a good moisturizer.