Off the Map Review: "On the Mean Streets of San Miguel"

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This week’s episode of Off the Map surprised me. It’s amazing how a character can change from sympathetic to evil in the span of one scene.

In “On the Mean Streets of San Miguel,” Abuelito, played by Ralph Waite, is a beloved, elderly man being told he has terminal cancer and then, with a couple of lines of dialogue and a frightening look in his eyes, he becomes a former Nazi soldier.

The sudden transformation was disconcerting.

Masking Their Fear

How could a man who had done such good over the past half century be guilty of such evil? How could no one have seen it? As Otis said, sometimes no matter how well you think you know some one, you may not know them at all.

Mina grows on me each week but this time it wasn’t for her sarcastic wit, but for her dogged determination. She truly believed this man should have to face some sort of judgment for his crimes. That his victims’ families had the right to know he had been found.

Mina was going to keep her patient alive and if Ryan wasn’t going to help her then she better step out of the way.

Then we have Lily who seems to swing between pining for Ben to being angry with him and back again. When she sees him as the wounded widower out to save the world Lily looks at him with starry-eyed devotion.

When she sees him in a lip lock with Ryan she is hurt and jealous. But what will her reaction be once she processes Ben’s confession; That he has kept his brain dead wife alive for five years so that he can access her trust fund to keep the clinic running?

Things are definitely getting complicated in the jungle.

Next we have Ben’s fling with Ryan. If you’ve been on again / off again for a year can you still call it a fling. For someone who plays the lonely widower Ben sure doesn’t seem to be very lonely. Oh, and of course he isn’t officially a widower either. Details.

I loved Ryan and Zee’s machete therapy but the way they swung that thing made me want to duck. I wouldn’t get near these ladies when they’re angry.

Let them take it out on the jungle.

So am I the only one growing more fond of Mina with each episode and less fond of Ben? Share your thoughts with me here on the latest Off The Map.

On the Mean Streets of San Miguel Review

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