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-A mother battling cancer drags her husband and son all over the world on her last adventures. Her son is depressed but can't tell his mother he doesn't want to travel any longer. He tries to commit suicide by stepping in front of a bull.

-The son needs a a vein graph to save his leg. His mother offers her, willing to give up her leg for her son. Tommy makes the son finally tell his mother how he feels before they go ahead with the operation.

-Mina, Ryan, and Ben rush to the airport when Ryan gets the call that there is a heart waiting in New York.

-On the way they find an accident with a group of injured girls. Mina stays behind and performs emergency surgery on the roadway. Then she and the girls carry the patient back along the roadway until they find a truck.

-Mina's patient survives. In her relief she hugs Tommy who confesses that he loves her.

-Lily is left in charge of the clinic and treats an injured police officer who tells her that the police are planning on burning the cocoa farms that day.

-Lily rushes to Mateo's farm. The barn is on fire and Mateo has been shot. Lily struggles to stabilize him and get him to the clinic.

-At the airport, Ryan gets a page that the heart in NY is not viable. She tells Ben she doesn't want to go to NY and be hooked up to machines. She wants to spend her last days at home, at the clinic.

-Ben calls his old friend, the organ broker and asks him to come up with a heart for Ryan, knowing that someone will have to die in order for Ryan to live.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Ryan: Don't kill anyone.
Mina: Don't die.

Will you feed dinner?