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AJ doesn't want Lacey to leave for LA. He uses sex to persuade her to stay. 

Carla, Hap, and Lacey are enjoying breakfast. Carla announces that the price of oil is up, and Hap thinks that Lacey doesn't need to return to LA. She can learn everything she needs to right there at Briggs Oil.

Cody wants Billy to get a job. She finds an ad for work at McCutching Ranch in the paper, and convinces Billy that the first step in moving on is getting out of bed.

Jules's birthday is coming up, and Wick is planning her a party. She knows that Gary has been arrested and asks Wick about being with Gary that night. 

Sheriff Tip is going through Gary's phone and discovers that Gary was going to call the police tip line the night of the murder.

Billy gets in line for a job. The line is long.

Tip questions Gary. Gary's lawyer bails him out before he can answer any questions. But Tip realizes that he had a partner.

Carla tells Wick that Hap is proud of him. Both him and Lacey. Wick enlists Carla in helping him to throw a party for Jules. She agrees to take care of everything. They're family.

Billy goes to see Clifton. He apologizes for losing McCutching for them both, and wants his help to get revenge on Hap. Clifton hates Hap, and right now, he hates Billy more.

Clifton's granddaughter Emma finds Billy at a bar. Clifton wants to apologize.

Jules makes Hap a deal. When he ends things with Carla, she'll end things with Wick. Hap says that he can't hurt Wick that way. Jules was broken up after Hap left her. She doesn't want to do that to herself again. She doesn't want to be the other woman again. Hap promises her that what they have is real, and presents her with a beautiful necklace for her birthday. 

AJ's (other) employer wants him to get information from Hap's secret files on his computer in 36 hours. 

Tip goes to see Wick at his oil site. Tip knows that because Gary was his alibi the night of the robbery, Wick's story doesn't add up. Wick needs to recount the entire night to him. Hap interrupts, and is surprised to hear that Wick might know something. Tip and Wick will talk again. Tip tells Hap he is getting closer to a second suspect every day.

Clifton recaps his history with Hap Briggs to Billy, and how Hap screwed him in the past. Clifton sees a bit of himself in Billy, and wants to help him. Billy is broke, which will present some issue. Clifton hands over the $100K that he made from Billy on McCutching.

Hap is waxing on to Carla about what he had hoped for Wick's future. He thinks that Carla may have been right about Wick. Tip's told him about Wick's friend's involvement in the heist. Carla now rebuffs Wick's involvment, and tells Hap about the party she's planning on his behalf for Jules. 

Lacey and AJ are about to do the deed when he takes the opportunity to plant a tracking device on her. She's suspicious of why he's locked in the bathroom, but he covers up his actions by lighting candles.

Hap goes to see Gary. He wants his oil, first and foremost. He also wants to know who his partner was. He point blank asks him is Wick was his partner. Gary says that Wick wasn't there. Hap pulls a gun on him. Gary again says that neither of them were there. Hap says that if Gary is lying, he won't hear him coming next time.

At the land auction, Clifton points out exactly what lands he wants Billy to purchase. Emma thinks he's crazy to go all in. But Clifton knows that the only way to take down Hap is to beat him at the oil game.

Gary is frustrated with Wick. Wick wants him to disappear, before Hap puts another pistol in his face. 

Clifton coaches Billy through the auction and they almost win. But they are outbid by an internet offer. Hap calls Billy to tell him that he bought the land, and that an oil man never makes his steps known.

Billy is mad. He goes to see Hap, and wants to know why he is the way he is. Billy confronts him about lying and stealing. Hap says that for everyone like him, there are a million guys like Billy. 

Jules isn't ready for her party. Wick encourages her to get ready and go to the party. Jules doesn't want to. Wick finds the necklace, and Jules lies about how she got it. 

Cody is dressed and ready to go to Jules's party. Billy refuses to go to the party. He won't set foot in Hap's home. Cody leaves without him. 

Wick and Jules arrive at the party. Carla and Hap welcome them to the party. Carla knows that Wick only gave her a few names, but she didn't think that it was enough of a party. Carla insists that Jules have lunch with her, and steals Wick away to see the cake. Hap is touched the Jules wore the necklace, and takes her arm to show her around the party. 

Wick wants Hap to give Jules another chance. Hap doesn't want to talk about Jules. He asks Wick about his involvement with Gary. Wick insists that he tried to turn Gary around, but Hap reminds him that most of the time, you can't change people. 

Jules and Cody find themselves alone and without partners, so they decide to be each other's dates for the party. 

Wick drives out to see Gary. He gives him money, and a ticket out of town. 

Emma goes to see Billy. She brings him a gift from Clifton, an Oil guide. She apologizes for being so skeptical of Billy. She was happy to see Clifton so alive again. It didn't work out for them today, but she knows that Billy will takes down Hap Briggs. 

Wick comes back to the party, and finds Jules. He brings out the cake, and makes a speech about Jules.  As he is talking, AJ sneaks into Hap's office, and hacks into the computer. He starts copying files, and makes it back before Wick is even done speaking. 

Wick makes a touching toast about Jules, and calls her his greatest privilege and promises her that he will never squander her. Jules looks over to Hap, who is locked in an embrace with Carla. 

Jules and Cody sit outside. Cody knows what Jules is feeling. Wick is falling in love with her, and she can't let go of the guy she used to love. (Hap.) Cody thinks Jules should light another birthday candle, and wish her old love out of her head.

Lacey finds AJ packing. She knows that he tricked her. She's disappointed that she didn't see it sooner. Hap stops AJ before he can leave. AJ is working for Saudi Arabia, and they are looking for oil, and threatening to kill his son. Hap has always wanted a man on the inside. AJ still works for him. 

Cody arrives at home, Billy waiting for her, all dressed up. 

Hap is proud of Lacey. He knows that Wick is trying to get there, but Lacey is already there, and Hap, and Briggs oil need her. 

Hap goes to have a drink in his study, and finds the necklace that he gave Jules.

Jules and Wick arrive home, and she seems happy that she's chosen to be with him.

Wick goes down to the bar to get a drink, and Tip confronts Wick about Gary leaving town. He tells Wick that he's got an eye on Gary's partner. And he's just waiting for him to slip. 


Blood and Oil
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Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm never gonna let you go again.

Hap [to Jules]

We're family.

Carla [to Wick]