A Music Shoot  - On My Block
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  • Jamal plans to contact the music agency to find who they think is Lil Ricky. They track him down through Ainsley's music shoot. 
  • they go to the shoto and get mistaken as extras. 
  • Jamal pretends to be an artist. He and Ainsley bond, as she throws tantrums and acts like a brat. He asks her about letting people know he's powerful. 
  • He finally finds who he is looking for during the video shoot, but the guy he thinks is Lil Ricky doesn't speak Spanish. 
  • He asks the guy later what he knows, and he tells him that Rose had a song that she wrote and it was about about Lil Ricky who she was in love with. 
  • At the photoshoot they ask Jasmine and Ruby to kiss. But both of them are trying to work through their feelings talking to Monse and Cesar. 
  • They make out during the shoot. 
  • Cesar gets a phone call from Ray. He apologizes for leaving him again, but tells him that it's not his brother's fault. 
  • Everyone goes to Rose's house to ask her about the connection to Lil Ricky. 
  • It turns out her best friend was someone named Stacy AKA Cuchillos. 
  • They realize that Cuchillos wants to find Ricky to kill him, and that when she's done, she'll kill them too since they're loose ends. 
  • Cesar suggests they kill her first. 
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Where's my bull, bitch?


Never underestimate the "I don't give a shititude" of part-time security guards.