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Arthur sabotages Regina’s spell as she tries to contact Merlin. Regina realizes that there is another person who was chosen by Merlin. The author, Henry. The see a message from Merlin.

Later, Merlin, Charming, Hook and Belle break Lancelot and Merida out of the dungeon. 

Merida abducts Belle who uses magic to help them see the people holding her brothers. They plan to kill them by the end of the day.  Merida says she needs Belle to change their fate. She wants her to make the potion to turn her into a bear so she can fight her enemies. But Belle switches out the potion for water, believing that Merida must change her own fate. 

When the clansman try to kill her brothers, Merida’s arrow stops all three of theirs. The release her brothers and agree that the kingdom should be hers. 

Emma remembers Merlin as the usher in the movie. He tells her to heed her warning about leaving Excalibur alone. 

Rumpelstiltskin breaks the tea cup to use it to cut through his ropes and escape. Emma tells Merida that if he still has feelings for Belle, she can use that to make him brave. She orders Merida to kill Belle in the hopes that Rumplestiltskin will find the courage to stop her. 

In Storybrooke, Emma goes to Zelena to try and get her help but she refuses. Zelena says she’d rather be alone. 

Belle finds Rumpelstiltskin who thanks her for standing by him. Her voice kept him from slipping away in the coma. The two run from Merida who is trying to kill Belle. Rumple wants to leave Storybrooke but Belle won’t do it. Merida finds her and says the Dark One is making her take the potion. Then she swallows it and turns into a bear. Belle runs. 

The bear is about to kill Belle when Rumple shows up and it chases him. Just when it looks like it’s about to kill Rumple, he hits it with a potion and she turns back into Merida. Belle asks how he knew it would work. He says he didn’t. 



Once Upon a Time
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