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Henry and Ella followed Alice into Wonderland when it emerged that she knew some key details. Ella wanted to find out more about her mother and how she went missing. 

They followed her through and Drizella made an appearance, but Ella gave her a smack. 

Regina tried to keep Henry and Jacinda apart, so she offered the latter a job and planted seeds of doubt in her mind about the relationship. 

Lucy's father arrived in town to help Jacinda get custody of Lucy and Henry was jealous about all of it. 

Regina confronted Rumple to find out whether he was really back, but he tried to play dumb with her. 

Drizella and Gothel tried to find Anastasia and thought they were on to a winner when they found the coffin in the other family house, but it was empty. 

Regina took Henry out of town to find someone to help them. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Jacinda: Remy? What happened to the catering company?
Remy: Oh, business is slow. I'm temping here while Roni's out.
Jacinda: Where did she go?
Remy: California... I think.

Goleth: You have found Anastasia?
Drizella: She was enjoying the magnificent lake views at my mother's vacation home. So predictable.