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Hook continued to investigate Eloise Gardener, but he found himself at odds with Weaver when it emerged that he was getting Tilly to send him on a wild goose chase. 

Tilly would not tell Hook all of the details and ultimately gave him another page from the book, but Hook realized it was fake when everything started smearing off of it. 

He confronted Tilly and Weaver but they played dumb about the whole thing. 

In the realm, Hook bumped into Rapunzel while looking for the magic to get the curse on the go so he could go with Evil Queen to Storybrooke to find out the way to take down Rumple. 

However, Hook decided to sleep with the woman because he felt a connection with her. When he woke up, she had given birth to a baby so that she could bail from the tower. 

She was revealed to be Eloise and Hook later named the baby Alice. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Victoria: Stop pretending. I know you're awake.
Drizella: You always did underestimate me. I knew detective Rogers was obsessed with this Eloise Gardener case, so I poisoned the only person he knew was connected to it. Rogers did the rest of the work himself.
Victoria: Why did you do this, Drizella?
Drizella: So I could finally be free of you. And now she's free of you too, and you're the prisoner.

You stupid child. You have no idea what you just let crawl out into this world. But you will find out, yes you will. You will find out.