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Part I

Starr, Cole, Markko and Langston (Brittany Underwood) play a round of strip poker beside the pool. At the Monte Carlo fundraiser, Todd can't resist butting heads with Miles the moment Spencer's protege arrives on Natalie's arm.

Part II

Adriana and Rex worry about the very real possibility that they could both do jail time for keeping mum about Tommy's identity. Meanwhile, Marcie presses an uneasy John for the truth about what's troubling his brother.

Part III

Though Natalie snarls at her uncle to back off, Blair supports Todd as he continues to bait Miles. Sarah is disappointed to learn that Asa wasn't well enough to attend the gala at the Palace.

Certain his granddaughter is only looking for a handout, Clint suggests to a scornful Sarah that working at Buchanan Enterprises could be the best path to success.

Part IV

Dorian challenges Viki to a game of Texas Hold' Em. Jessica and Nash have an awkward encounter with Antonio and Talia. A blushing Starr giggles as Cole becomes the first person to lose his last stitch of clothing.

Bo is forced to break up another argument between Todd and Miles. Later, Jessica angrily blasts Miles for causing her family such heartache.

The End ...

Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) later explains to Adriana why he believes John will keep mum about Tommy's real paternity. Dorian raises the stakes during her showdown with Viki. John suddenly finds himself speculating about Marcie being Spencer's killer.

One Life To Live
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