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Part One

Sarah coaxes Cristian to give her a job at Capricorn.

With the fall semester looming near, Starr and Cole search the schedule for a class they can take together. Marcie angrily reminds Nora and Michael how John has been on a tear for weeks. Meanwhile, John urges Lindsay to admit that she knows about Tommy's true identity.

Part Two

Cris agrees to hire Sarah on as a waitress. Bo presses Rex to reveal what he's been hiding.

Miles attempts to come clean with Todd, who bitterly refuses to hear him out. Though Michael tries to reel his wife in, Marcie accuses Nora of railroading an innocent woman. Dorian eagerly dishes the dirt to Starr (Kristen Alderson) upon returning from the disastrous Woman of the Year banquet. Incensed by Miles' "lies," Todd viciously attacks him.

Part Three

Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) vows to take her secret to the grave. Later, she entreats John not to destroy his family by letting the truth out. An amused Cris tests Sarah's skills as a cocktail server. From her jail cell, Marty relates for Nora how she saw Lindsay coming out of Blair's hospital room covered in blood on the night Spencer died.

One Life To Live
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