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Part 1: Todd (Trevor St. John) is outraged to find Miles at Llanfair and screams at Viki to get him out of there. Viki explains that he's Natalie's guest and asks him to back off after he takes great pains to warn that he will pay for all he did to him. Adriana panics that she's in trouble now that John knows about the phony death certificate but Rex claims John has no actual proof and will have a hard time finding some. He suggests he can help the situation by "dummying" a DNA test. Michael's relieved when John explains that he's not going to tell Todd right now because he has too many other things to do.

Part 2: Michael invites Marcie to take a vacation with him and Tommy but she claims she has no time. Stopping by the station house, Matthew asks Bo and Nora for permission to stay and see Tate's hearing so that he knows he's not afraid of him and that it's not right for him to hate people. Before Tate's brought in to court, Griffin boasts to Nora that he intends to prosecute Tate and Marty the same way: quickly and successfully. As the hearing gets underway, the judge accepts Tate acting as his own attorney but when he pleads guilty, Tate claims that there are others to take over his job and regrets that he couldn't finish what he started.

Part 3: Outraged, Nora makes sure that Tate will get punished once he arrives at prison and has the racist assigned to a cell with a large African- American cellmate. Cole stops by her jail cell and asks her mother why she's going to plead guilty. He urges her not to do this and allow John more time to find the real killer.

One Life To Live
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