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PART I: John keeps mum as Natalie presses him to tell her what happened to Miles. Marcie is a bundle of nerves as she reports for her first day of work at the Bon Jour. At the precinct house, Michael insists on being allowed to speak to his brother. Viki drops by La Boulet and is surprised to learn from Dorian that Cole shot Miles. Meanwhile, Miles' doctor assures a relieved Natalie that her wounded friend will pull through.

PART II: Dorian can't resist sniping at Viki for taking a vacation in Paris while her family has been suffering through a variety of crises at home. Moe gives "Sally Ann" a tough time as her shift begins. Dorian tells an amused Viki about the dumpy little diner she had the misfortune to visit during her sojourn in Texas. Starr and her best friend hurry to Langston's house to deliver food and provisions to Cole.

PART III: Gigi and Noelle are dismayed to see a drunken Charlie stagger into the cafe with a bottle in his hand. Starr slips over to the hospital to check on Miles' condition. Talia continues to freeze a puzzled Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) out. Langston (Brittany Underwood) commiserates with Cole about facing life alone without his mom or dad. Under questioning from Bo, John contradicts Ramsey's version of events.

One Life To Live
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