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Marcie screams as Ramsey's bullet hits Michael.

Nash again warns Jessica not to play "Tess" in order to trap Jared. Charlie drops by La Boulet to say howdy to Dorian. As John leans over his wounded brother, Todd pulls his own weapon on Ramsey ...

Moe asks Noelle to go out to dinner to celebrate her victory. Jared comes to the vineyard with a business proposition for Nash, who angrily rejects his idea. Dorian notes with interest Charlie's reaction to the front page story about the long-lost Buchanan heir.

Assuring John his injury isn't serious, Michael urges him to go after Marcie. Jared and Nash continue to clash over the plan. Marcie realizes she left all her money and the phony passports behind.

Viki is shocked to recognize a photo of "Sally Ann" and her baby.

John convinces Todd to team up with him in pursuit of Marcie. After Nash departs, Jared appeals to Jessica to back his play. Dorian snoops through Charlie's briefcase and discovers a picture of him with Viki.

Marcie returns to the Bon Jour to collect her purse and comes face to face with a familiar face.

"Tess" reintroduces herself to Jared.

One Life To Live
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