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PART ONE: John and Natalie spend the night together but agree they turned to one another in an hour of need and won't repeat the experience any time soon. From his cell, Michael explains to Rex why he went to Paris, Texas, instead of showing up for his scheduled court appearance. Viki returns to the Bon Suites to find Charlie on another drunken binge. Gigi explains to her coworker why Noelle and Moe are so tense about an upcoming visit from the bake-off judge.

PART TWO: Marcie offers to tutor Shane as a way of repaying Gigi. Charlie tells Viki how his son sent him packing with pure hatred. Jessica and Nash invite Jared to an intimate holiday gathering at the vineyard. Adriana tells Cris and Antonio how ticked off she is at her mother. Michael hires Rex to head to Texas to continue the search for Marcie. Viki encourages a gloomy Charlie to call his sponsor, find a meeting and get sober again. Rex confides to Michael his plan to pop the question to Adriana.

One Life To Live
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