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PART I: Rex hesitantly explains to Adriana why he may not be home for Christmas. Dorian looks forward to bringing the Cramer women together for a holiday gathering. Moe and Noelle nervously watch the bake-off judge take his seat and begin sampling their entries. Charlie pours out the rest of his liquor in front of Viki. After Todd's private investigator abruptly quits, Ramsey offers to step in and take over the search for Tommy. Antonio urges Talia to believe that her friendship is important to him.

PART II: Antonio is startled when Bo reveals how Talia put in a request for a transfer. Adriana wonders if Rex is leaving in order to avoid spending Christmas with her mother. After Marcie accidentally bumps into the judge and causes him to choke on a piece of pie, the irate man declares that both Moe and Noelle are out. A food fight ensues, with nearly everyone getting a pie in the face. Bo and Antonio each try to dissuade her, but Talia insists that she can no longer work Vice with Det. Vega. Dorian is secretly pleased to walk in on a quarrel between her daughter and Rex. Todd agrees to hire Ramsey.

One Life To Live
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