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Part 1: A worried Michael waits anxiously to learn what Todd remembers about his ordeal. Starr turns to Langston and Markko for advice about Cole. Meanwhile, Cole visits his mother's jail cell. John presses David to go on TV and tell the world he knows who killed Spencer. Layla arrives on the roof of the Palace Hotel and is alarmed to find Vincent out cold and tied to a chair. Tate corners the terrified young woman, then intercepts a call from Adriana and orders her to come to the roof alone. Marty urges her unhappy son to go on with his life and normal routines.

Part 2: David's attorney warns John to cease and desist harassing his client. Blair and Viki are relieved when Todd regains consciousness. Markko points out to Starr why she might want to give her former boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. Marty asks Nora to look after Cole for a while. Hiding her fear, Adriana deliberately picks a fight with Rex to drive him away so she can follow Tate's instructions.

Part 3: Starr is thrilled to be reunited with her dad at long last. David offers Viki his apology. Certain something isn't right, Rex trails Adriana to the Palace.

One Life To Live
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