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Part 1: Blair (Kassie DePaiva) explains to a surprised Todd how Sarah Roberts got mixed up in his predicament in Chicago. David apologizes to Viki for extorting money from Clint, then reveals that he's returning every cent of the cash. On the roof of the Palace Hotel, Tate holds a knife to Layla's throat and orders Rex and Adriana forward. Meanwhile, Vincent surreptitiously begins untying the ropes that bind his hands. Bo questions Miles about his connection to Kandi. John again presses Marty to recall more details of the night Spencer died.

Part 2: Tate explains to his prisoners how his father took the fall for him. David admits to Viki that she makes him want to be a better person. Certain she's going to be sent away to prison for many years, Marty asks John to look in on Cole from time to time. Tate ties Rex to a post before turning his venom on a trembling Adriana. Todd slips away from the hospital and heads to the jail to confront Miles. Nigel admits to Bo how he knew about Asa putting a hit out on Spencer. Tate forces Adriana onto the ledge and orders her to jump unless she wants to see Layla murdered before her eyes.

Part 3: Dorian is flabbergasted to learn how David turned down ten million bucks. Paige announces to a startled Bo that she's leaving Llanview. Talia fires at Tate, who falls backwards over the edge of the building.

One Life To Live
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