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PART ONE: As his video will wraps up, Asa announces he's leaving nothing to his family members except a seat each on the board of Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian bumps into David and Alex at the airport and is stunned to learn that they're newlyweds. Starr grows frantic with worry about the missing Cole. Marcie and Tommy settle into a room at the Bon Suites. Charlie admits to Viki that he hasn't seen his son in years. Gigi introduces Shane to "Sally Ann," then squirms when the boy proudly repeats the story.

PART TWO: As Carlotta takes charge, Langston (Brittany Underwood) and Markko try to calm Starr but privately fear that her anxiety is well-founded. Asa warns his kinfolk that the conditions of his will prevent them from selling off any shares of BE. Charlie tells Viki how his search led him to Paris, Texas. Out of his new bride's earshot, David assures Dorian he only married Alex for her money. Marcie confides to Gigi how much she misses her old life and how frightened she is of her son's father.

One Life To Live
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