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PART ONE: Jessica and Nash quickly grow frazzled by Jared's unwelcome presence in their home. Marcie fears the worst when she's pulled over by a state trooper. A bristling Cristian (David Fumero) and Natalie interrupt Jared and Sarah's kiss. Viki is revealed to be working as a waitress in a diner in Paris, Texas. John suggests that he and Todd team up to search for Tommy together. Marcie has to work to convince the highway patrolman that she isn't intoxicated. Viki recalls the first time she wandered into the Bon Jour Caf.

PART TWO: Jared taunts Natalie as Sarah reminds Cris she's free to kiss whomever she likes. Though Nash kicks himself for letting Jared into their lives, Jessica (Bree Williamson) points out how her own checkered past opened the door for Banks' blackmail. Enjoying Natalie's discomfort, Jared turns and asks Sarah for a date. After Todd agrees to collaborate with John, Michael insists on tagging along as well. Sarah snarls at her cousin and Cris for trying to meddle in her personal life. Meanwhile, Jessica and Nash decide to employ a new tactic with their unwanted house guest.

One Life To Live
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