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Part One
Dorian assures a worried Starr she'll have Langston (Brittany Underwood) safely back at La Boulet by nightfall. Armed with false identities for herself and Tommy, Marcie steels herself to let go of the past and start a new life far from Llanview. Viki e-mails her children to explain why she's elected to remain in Paris a while longer. Natalie decides to try and convince Jared to accept a large cash payment in exchange for leaving town forever. Dorian (Robin Strasser) asks Bo for help extricating Langston from theĀ  Child Protective Service.

Part Two
Ron is interrogated by the FBI but claims he knows nothing about his sister's disappearance. Langston takes solace in a phone call from Markko. At Capricorn, Jared introduces himself to an intrigued Sarah. Blair and Marty come to the police station to support Starr and Cole (Brandon Buddy) as they await word on Langston. Michael begs Ron to disclose what he knows of Marcie's whereabouts. Bo is unable to get Langston released from the group home before morning. An uneasy Cristian and Natalie watch Sarah and Jared share a kiss. Viki is revealed to be keeping a big secret from her family.

One Life To Live
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