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One Life to Live: The Recap (10/26/07)

1. Driving to find Marcie and the boy, Todd guesses that John is with him in hopes of keeping him from his son. John denies it but Todd warns John to do what he's supposed to do when they find his son. John gets a call about a bar in Decatur, Georgia. Posing as Penny Shaw, Marcie arrives at the bar in Decatur recommended by Ron and meets Harvey Dewitt, a friend of Eric and James' who assures her that she's safe here.

2. Harvey's touched when Marcie (Kathy Brier) describes in full color Eric and James' wedding on the beach at Cape Cod. The bartender worries about J.D. Delroy seeing the boy in the bar and then reveals the hour has arrived for tonight's big event. Talia (Beth Ann Bonner) dons a sexy, revealing dress for her undercover work. She finds Jamie dressed as a clown for Halloween and then is embarrassed when Antonio and his mother see her. Jamie invites Talia to go trick or treating with her and her dad.

3. Natalie guesses that Sarah is going out with Jared tonight to prove something to them. Cristian does explain that he thinks Sarah has a crush on him but denies that it's two-way. Natalie urges Cristian to go to the Palace themselves for dinner. When he hesitates, she flips a coin and the two crash the date. Sitting at a nearby table, Cristian (David Fumero) has second thoughts after he realizes that Natalie used a double-sided coin.

4. But when he sees Sarah kissing her "date," he decides to turn the tables and kisses Natalie. When Viki helps a new customer at the diner, Gigi urges her to consider dating Charlie.

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