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Michael reminds a jittery Marcie why they stand a good chance of winning custody of Tommy. Meanwhile, an excited Jack tells Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Todd he can't wait until his baby brother comes home. Disguised as a cable repairman, Rex goes to Langston's house to do some sleuthing.

At St. Ann's, Dorian again presents Lindsay with her "Woman of the Year" award. John (Michael Easton) and Marty enjoy an informal picnic in the woods. Miles is relieved to learn that Natalie isn't angry with him after all. Dorian hauls off and slaps Lindsay in the face to bring her back to reality.

Langston (Brittany Underwood) nervously explains to Markko why she pays the bills in her parents' absence. John admits to Marty that he's worried about his brother and Marcie losing their son.

Todd and Blair take Jack to the emergency room after he throws up his breakfast. Michael convinces Marcie to leave Tommy at the hospital with him while she visits Lindsay.

Unaware of Dorian's tactics, Lindsay's doctor is impressed with her sudden turnaround. Marty and John fall into another embrace. Dorian learns that Addie may be a good candidate for a new experimental drug.

Natalie sheepishly explains to Miles how she got stuck with Jared at Buchanan Enterprises. After being paged, Michael leaves his son in the care of a friendly nurse. Later, Todd bumps into the duo and cons the nurse into letting him hold Tommy.

One Life To Live
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