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As Todd is returned to the courthouse for his hearing, Miles arrives and reveals that he won't be pressing assault charges after all.

Episode Guide, Part One

Meanwhile, Starr (Kristen Alderson) is stunned to learn from the morning headlines that Tommy McBain is her long lost half-brother. After John admits he's known the truth about Tommy all along, Bo reluctantly suspends his detective and asks for his shield and gun. Michael cautions Marcie not to count on Todd going to prison and vanishing as a potential threat to their custody of their son.

Later, the McBains meet their new attorney.

Episode Guide, Part Two

Starr frets that her first day of school will be marred by the latest scandal swirling around the Manning clan. Cole (Brandon Buddy) and Marty speculate about John's possible role in keeping Todd away from his child. Judy warns her worried clients that the advantage in most cases goes to the natural parents. Starr confides to Blair and Dorian how sorry she feels for Marcie and Michael.

Marty is pleased to receive confirmation that her marriage to Miles has finally been annulled. As Starr insists on going to the courthouse to see her dad, Cole drops by to offer his girlfriend his moral support.


Sympathetic to Todd's quandary, the judge decides to sentence him to a stiff fine and 1,000 hours of community service for the second charge of assaulting his guard.

One Life To Live
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