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PART ONE: Britney (Portia Reiners) taunts Cole about the Manning family's latest behavior. Layla overhears Rex and Adriana discussing their plans to cohabitate. Nora regretfully reminds Will why his mother has to pay for her crimes. Meanwhile, at the jail, Marcie encourages Lindsay to believe she'll soon be free and clear. A gloomy Todd explains to Starr and Blair how the custody hearing went from bad to worse.

Across town, Michael tells John he feels hopeful that Todd's performance in court helped their cause. An embittered Will accuses Nora of carrying out a personal vendetta in her prosecution of Lindsay.

PART TWO: Layla (Tika Sumpter) snipes at Adriana for not consulting her before she bailed on their living arrangements. Later, Rex suggests that Vince move in with Layla to help pay the rent. Sarah bets Cristian she can book a band with name recognition to play at Capricorn within a week or she'll get out of his life for good. Starr tells Cole, Langston (Brittany Underwood) and Markko why she's supporting her father despite in spite of sympathy for the McBains' predicament. Rex assures a worried Adriana he'll handle matters if Blair blabs their secret to Todd. Sarah presses Layla to take her on as a roommate.

Blair and Todd each make separate plans to get Tommy returned to his rightful father.

One Life To Live
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