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PART ONE: Todd offers to write the McBains a large check if they'll give him back his son. Jessica nervously encourages her surprised sister to hire Jared on at Buchanan Enterprises.

Will and R.J. again appeal to Nora to let Lindsay make bail.

Meanwhile, at the jail, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) suggests to an outraged Lindsay that she could do herself a world of good if she convinces Marcie to return Tommy to his rightful father. Playing a bit fast and loose with the truth, Cristian assures Layla that Sarah would make a fine roommate.

To Michael's dismay, Marcie suddenly agrees to listen to Todd's business proposition.

PART TWO: When Natalie wonders why she's done a 180 on Jared Banks, Jessica finally admits how the man has been blackmailing her. After Todd hands over a check for ten million dollars, Marcie reveals that she was playing him all along. Layla (Tika Sumpter) decides to allow Sarah to move in.

Rex, Adriana, Cris and Roxy come to the courthouse to show their unwavering support for Lindsay. Nora tells R.J. she's still going to request that Lindsay is remanded following her arraignment. As Marcie rips the check in half, Michael informs Todd they now have even more evidence to prove he's an unfit parent.

Later, Todd sheepishly confesses to Blair how he made matters worse. Nash questions Jared after finding Jessica's photo on his phone. Lindsay shocks Will and the others by pleading guilty to first degree murder.

One Life To Live
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