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As One Life to Live picks up where it left off last time, Nora returns to the Buchanan mansion and tells Clint and Dorian about the bizarre end to Lindsay's arraignment. Cris (David Fumero) reports to Sarah how Lindsay suffered an apparent meltdown after confessing to Spencer's murder...

An angry Jared reminds Natalie and Nash why it doesn't matter what Jessica was calling herself when she framed him for a crime he didn't commit. Cole encourages a conflicted Starr to believe that the sticky situation with Tommy will resolve itself in time...

Sarah offers Cris her sympathy as he wishes he could help a friend in need.

Jessica explains to Jared how she has multiple personality disorder. Dorian points the finger of blame at an astonished Nora as Rex kicks himself for contributing to Lindsay's breakdown.

Insisting that Jessica must now pay for the two years he lost due to Tess' misdeeds, Jared presses Natalie to give him a position at Buchanan or else watch her sister be marched off to jail. Nora suggests to a sputtering Dorian that Lindsay may have pulled a fast one.

Determined to neutralize Jared's threats, Natalie challenges him to a round of pool with a wager in the balance. Markko mentions to Cole (Brandon Buddy) and Starr his concern about Langston seeming to have so little contact with her parents.

Jared beats Natalie at her own game...

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