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PART ONE: As Adriana (Melissa Gallo) packs up her things, Layla admits to her roommate how much she's going to miss her. Todd cheerfully announces to a startled Jessica that he's about to get married. Meanwhile, Blair's announcement sends Dorian reeling.

Jared comes to the Buchanan mansion for a chat with Renee. John apologizes to Natalie and wonders if they can still be friends. Though Dorian implores her niece to come to her senses, Blair insists that her impending nuptials are all in a good cause. Layla and Adriana exchange tearful farewells.

PART TWO: Across town, Cris suffers mixed emotions as Sarah prepares to move out. Todd (Trevor St. John) asks Jessica to stand up at his wedding as his "best man." Dorian is pleased to learn that Blair has demanded a multi-million fee for wedding her ex but cautions the bride-to-be that Starr and Jack could end up heartbroken if this marriage of convenience doesn't work out.

Nigel attempts to give an uninvited guest the bum's rush but Jared quickly succeeds in charming Renee, who marvels at the young man's striking resemblance to her late husband. Dorian threatens to spill the beans about Todd's scheme unless he makes it worth her while.

Nigel watches disapprovingly as Jared worms his way into Renee's heart.

One Life To Live
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