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One Life to Live
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

Certain John isn't telling her the whole story, Natalie urges him to open up but a jealous Jared interrupts. Across town, Jessica offers Antonio her sympathy about Talia's betrayal.

Nash and Sarah head home to Llanview following their successful stay in Napa.

Shaun assures Todd he hasn't let Cole anywhere near Starr. Meanwhile, Starr explains to Langston why they have to switch identities so she can sneak off to New Jersey for the abortion.

Antonio bitterly advises Jessica to focus on her own marriage because it clearly is in trouble. Blair cautions Cole to steer clear of her daughter unless he wants Todd to make good on his threat to send the boy to jail.

Starr cajoles her kid brother into helping her slip past Shaun.

Todd faces off with Ramsey yet again. Langston tries one last time to dissuade her best friend from terminating her pregnancy but Starr remains adamant that she has no other options left.

Jared presses Natalie to admit that she still has feelings for him. Antonio warns Cris to keep a close eye on Nash. Markko catches Langston masquerading as Starr at the high school.

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One Life To Live
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