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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on One Life to Live ...

Langston discovers Starr's pamphlet on abortion and wonders if Starr is considering that as an option. Meanwhile, Cole confronts Todd and accuses him of ruining Starr's life.

Todd becomes even more enraged when Cole states he would never hurt Starr the way Todd hurt Marty — and theorizes Todd hates Cole so much because he reminds Todd of what he did to his mother Marty, and how he can never make up for it.

After hearing Todd threatening Cole, Starr realizes she has to get an abortion.

Antonio finds John and Talia in the motel room together, with Talia in bed. The two men fight, the altercation heard by Antonio's partner, who reports back in to Ramsey. Once back at the station, Ramsey admits to Antonio that he set him up to find John and Talia together to show Antonio what kind of guy John really is.

Gigi is on the verge of telling Rex he's Shane's father when Adriana arrives. After Rex leaves, Adriana makes veiled threats to Gigi implying she should keep her mouth shut if Rex is Shane's father.

Layla comments to Dorian that she's noticed changes in Adriana (as in, she's more ruthless). Dorian wants to get more information on Brody, Shane's supposed father. Rex and Adriana make love and he learns she isn't planning on asking Marcie to be in the wedding.

Tension still exists between Michael and Marcie.

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