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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on One Life to Live ...

As Shane continues working on his comic book, Gigi realizes with a start that "Evelyn Evil" is the spitting image of Adriana. Michael tells a dismayed Antonio that his daughter is suffering from a serious neurological disorder which could prove fatal.

In Virginia, Dorian and Layla try to track down a new lead on Brody Lovett. Nora confides to Dorian her concern about Clint turning into his dad now that he's running Buchanan Enterprises.

The news for Antonio goes from bad to worse when he learns that Jamie's treatment will be very expensive yet not covered by her father's insurance. Bo squares off with his brother on the subject of how best to handle Calvin's takeover bid.

A sympathetic Ramsey gives Antonio time off to spend with his little girl.

Gigi informs Rex that she and Shane won't be coming to his wedding after all. Though Calvin has second thoughts about turning against the Buchanans, Dorian threatens to destroy his company unless he follows through with their original plan. Meanwhile, Rex brings Clint a juicy tidbit about Jenkins' son. Layla and Dorian get their first glimpse of the real Brody.

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